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Business Enterprise Mapping maps organization workflows and improves business processes by making your team’s work simpler, faster, and more valuable.

BEM’s Proprietary Perigon® Method

For 25 years, we have successfully mapped more than 300 enterprises across virtually all industries, sizes, and locations.

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Why we’re faster, better, and cheaper

We’re a lean, boutique consulting services firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. When you work with us, here’s what you can expect to be different from a larger consulting firm.


Your process mapping project will be complete in 2-12 weeks, and will include identification of immediate quick wins for your business.


Our maps of your business’ processes are easy to understand. We empower your employees to take ownership of those processes, and you’ll be set up to measure business impact.


Our projects are set at a fixed price with you ahead of time. We organize projects down to the hour, so we are efficient and respectful of you and your staff’s time.

Business Enterprise Mapping featured on Worldwide Business

Host Kathy Ireland interviews our very own Joe Bockerstette and Don James, who explain how BEM helps companies gain a competitive advantage. The key is empowering your employees to learn the Perigon Method, so you can continuously improve your business workflows.

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Resource Library: White Papers & Infographics

The Business Case for Implementing Perigon

Using the Perigon Method, business process mapping can deliver strong ROI. Find out how.


Business Process Maturity

Where does your organization stand in the five levels of business process maturity, and how can you improve?

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Process Mapping Blog

Featuring more than 130 articles on best practices in process mapping.

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