Process Mapping

Our Perigon Methodology

Developed from 25 years of business mapping and improvement, BEM utilizes our proprietary Perigon® Method. Our unique approach engages your staff to:

  • Deliver rapid insights into organizational opportunities
  • Streamline workflows for substantially improved execution

Perigon Maps

When we work together with you, we'll collectively develop proprietary Perigon maps, which are schematic diagrams of all the processes within your organization. These maps are easy to understand for your employees, and they're easy to update over time.

The phases of our process mapping methodology

Through Perigon Delivery’s structured, facilitated, and field-tested workshops, BEM program directors help your teams build business system diagrams and process playbooks that deliver faster, better, and cheaper results for your organization. Here’s how we define, build, and substantially improve workflow in any organization.

Phase Zero: Enterprise Roadmap

The Enterprise Roadmap identifies the process based workflow structure that defines how work gets accomplished in the organization. It forms the enterprise architecture that provides the roadmap for process development, alignment, and improvement.

Phase One: Perigon Playbook

The Perigon Playbook is a robust, three-dimensional manual that contains all organization knowledge of a process. An organization uses Perigon Playbooks to define, analyze and deploy business processes, continually improving them to drive best practice performance that delivers competitive advantage.

Phase Two: System Deployment

System Deployment delivers the implementation, problem-solving and ongoing monitoring of continually improving business processes. Our clients rapidly deploy substantially improved processes within 90 days, and have the structure in place to sustain improvements toward the System’s strategic goals.

Phase Three: Enterprise Alignment

Enterprise Alignment integrates business processes, business systems, and organization strategy to deliver aligned execution. Enterprise opportunities are captured and prioritized, an enterprise scorecard is established, and improvement plans are integrated and aligned to strategy.

The Perigon Playbook

The four key playbook elements are:

  1. The Cover (Process Scorecard): Summarizes the purpose of the process, improvement status, customer relationships, and more.
  2. Table of Contents (Architecture Map): Flow chart that shows steps of the process and where it resides in the organization.
  3. The Contents (Process Map): The who, what, when, where, and why of the process, how tasks are executed, and possible future states.
  4. The Clarity (Process Knowledge): Intellectual property of your process, plus analyses of customer value, metrics, RACI, and opportunity.

9 Valuable Benefits of BEM’s Perigon Method

1. Work Definition

The Perigon Method provides a business architecture for process-based definition, management, and improvement. This is an essential organizing principle for all high-performing organizations, regardless of industry, company size, or business type.

2. System Connectivity

Perigon attacks organization silos by defining and assessing workflow at department boundaries, which are often misaligned and disconnected.

3. Structured Delivery

Perigon is implemented through structured, facilitated workshops, developed in collaboration with client teams and subject matter experts, conducted through fixed schedules with targeted deliverables.

4. Employee Engagement

Perigon is built on the principle that those who do the work should define and improve the work. We combine clients’ expertise in their business with BEM’s expertise in workflow improvement to drive successful outcomes.

5. Robust Visual Tools

The Perigon Method provides robust diagnostic tools that find hidden opportunities to quickly solve difficult problems. Perigon’s transparency compares to a modern GPS, delivering deep insights much quicker than traditional mapping methods.

6. Customer Value

Through Perigon, client staff assesses customer requirements and builds strong processes that meet those requirements.

7. BEM Program Directors

Perigon Program Directors are seasoned teachers and facilitators who deliver consistent and reliable on-site results regardless of industry, organization, or client objectives. We have likely seen the problem before, built processes to address that need, and successfully partnered with clients to implement the solution.

8. Aligned Improvement to Goals

The Perigon Method delivers substantial ROI. By establishing a performance baseline on every process using standard metrics, Perigon provides a valuable benchmark across the organization that delivers integrated performance improvement to established goals.

9. Organization Impact

Perigon delivers impact with many benefits:

  • Implementation speed
  • Viral employee engagement
  • Decentralized ownership and accountability
  • Visibility and transparency
  • Best practices
  • Alignment across departments
The Perigon Method can help you take control of your business. Let's talk today.
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