Why BEM?

A faster, better, and cheaper Process Mapping partner

Business Enterprise Mapping is an international, boutique consulting services firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our size, expertise, and experience will help you take control of your business in the near-term, and run it more efficiently and profitably in the long-term.

Business Enterprise Mapping featured on business TV show

Kathy Ireland recently interviewed the leadership team from BEM. Watch this video to see how our expertise and unique approach are repeatable for almost any business challenge.

Focused solely on workflow mapping & business improvement since 1993

Extensive experience from mapping 300 enterprises in 60 industries

Developed best practices for all departments, functions, and staff

How much does a process mapping project cost? Talk to us about pricing today:

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How we’re faster

  • Delivered in 2 weeks to 90 days
  • Team problem-solving in workshops
  • Immediate quick wins identified
  • Interactive, real-time mapping
  • Deliverables produced every session

How we’re better

  • Penetrating & insightful diagnostics
  • Full staff engagement & ownership
  • Easy to understand maps & diagrams
  • Best practices intellectual leadership
  • Readily available examples

How we’re cheaper

  • Extremely efficient time usage
  • Less time on site; we don’t linger
  • Projects scheduled by hour, by day
  • Every project is a fixed price
  • Fast transition to client ownership

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