Workflow Problems

Top 6 areas of workflow challenges

Business Enterprise Mapping builds strong organizational process capability that solves our clients’ problems, usually in one of six areas: streamlining workflows, controlling growth, implementing new software, achieving compliance, integrating an acquisition, or sustaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Common sources of workflow problems

Regardless of what industry you're in — manufacturing, health care, service, technology, or other — our 25 years of data consistently tells us that most organization problems are rooted in lack of process definition and understanding.

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What workflow challenge is your organization facing?

1. Streamline workflows

This client has complex and cumbersome workflows crossing departments.  This causes unacceptable organizational performance. Leadership must involve staff to quickly diagnose the problem, reach out across organizational boundaries to align business processes and then streamline workflows to deliver improved performance fast. See example

2. Control growth

This client is growing rapidly, but the organization has clearly exceeded its business process capabilities, often adding excessive labor costs to compensate for inefficient workflows. The infrastructure in this situation is simply not capable of keeping up with volume growth. If not addressed, this scenario carries unacceptably high risk to customers and markets. See example

3. Simplify before implementing software

This client needs to map, understand and streamline its business processes prior to implementing new or upgraded software. This situation typically involves addressing the many inefficiencies of the current state process prior to developing a future state vision that incorporates new software and additional automation. See example

4. Achieve third-party compliance

This client must demonstrate compliance to a third-party agency (ISO, SOX, FDA, etc.), pass an audit, or replace outdated standard operating procedures with a compliance system that adds value and can be more easily maintained. BEM has achieved over 50 international registrations with a 100% first-time success rate. See example

5. Integrate an acquisition

When companies merge, business processes are often left unchanged until serious problems emerge. This proactive client desires to immediately understand the difference in company business models and quickly integrate best practices for the combined entity. See example

6. Sustain competitive advantage

Industry-leading clients understand the immense value that process-based improvement and management delivers and desire to implement workflow best practices across the organization for sustainable competitive advantage. See example

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